Noninvasive testing


The Cardiovascular noninvasive testing is done in-house under direct supervision of a cardiologist.

Electrocardiography (ECG) is a simple and useful test to capture an instant picture of the heart electrogram at that moment

Echocardiography is a live ultrasound study of the heart structures and function, it also measures the flow velocity and the pressure in the heart 

Treadmill Exercise Tolerance Test is a walking stress test to evaluate the heart during exercise, and it is used to rule out the presence of severe coronary artery disease and to evaluate exercise capacity

Anticoagulation clinic -- to measure periodic PT/INR of those taking Coumadin or Warfarin

Pacemaker clinic -- to interrogate and program the pacemaker periodically

PAD clinic -- to evaluate and rule out the presence of Peripheral Artery Disease in the lower limbs

Arrhythmia clinic -- to evaluate and treat heart rhythm disorder

and more

 Dr. Budi Bahureksa, DO, FACC, FACOI.
Dr. Budi Bahureksa, DO, FACC, FACOI.