Thanksgiving Tribute


Bless The Lord O my soul, and all that is in me Bless His Holy Name -- JESUS 

For The Lord is good, His mercy and faithfulness endureth forever -- I will sing praises to God all the days of my life and forevermore Hallelujah!!!!!

(Psalm of Thanksgiving)

We are grateful and pleased to announce our twelveth year of service in Tucson, Arizona.  We continue to strive for the best cardiovascular outpatient services in town.  Thanks to the loyal supports from our patients and friends, and Tucson community in general.  We are here for you.

Though cardiovascular technologies in many areas have advanced rapidly, we remind ourselves that our mission is you, our patients, and you are not machines, you are amazingly beautiful, and divinely created in the image of God -- therefore we humble ourselves to the anointing and guidance of the Holy Spirit to help our patients, and not to harm even through the advanced medical technologies.

To Him The Author of Life, we submit ourselves and our works -- Thy Kingdom (and the people) come and Thy Will be done in earth (in our city) as it is in heaven -- Amen